One-On-One Coaching Programs

90 Day Mind & Body Accountability Program

What the program includes:

3 health coaching sessions in person.

  • in person sessions include full body measurements, pictures, weigh-ins as well as a health coaching session
  • Daily texting support
  • food pics and descriptions to be sent daily 
  • A foods list is provided detailing what’s allowed and what’s not
  • Meal suggestions are provided
  • Help with meal planning
  • Education on understanding reading labels and ingredient lists 
  • Reminders to drink your daily water intake 
  • Reminders to move your body daily
  • Free access to accountability groups 

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    90 Day Mind & Body Transformation Program

    The program includes all of the above plus 9 additional sessions done via phone calls which last 45 minutes to an hour. In these calls, we will get to the root of the issue and work on strategies to overcome some of the old patterns standing in your way.

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