"Fall'ing Into A Healthier You" 6 Week Intensive Group - New Members

"Fall'ing Into A Healthier You" 6 Week Intensive Group - New Members

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A New Member 6 Week Intensive Accountability Program from September 13th to October 25th.

This Accountability Program has been created for those who are ready to start at the beginning. Together we will create healthy habits that are needed to lead a healthier lifestyle!


  • 2 one-on-one health coaching calls throughout the 6 weeks to discuss personal goals, strategies, and how to implement them with success.

  • 'Weekly Goal Setting' and 'Intention Setting' Initiatives.

  • Biweekly newsletters filled with lots of useful content for your healthy lifestyle journey!

  • Daily reminders and accountability check-ins

  • Habit-forming strategies to help you reach/maintain your goals.

  • Food lists, meal planning & prep support, daily recipes for clean meals

  • Access to pre-recorded workouts

  • Weekly suggestions for easy to follow "At Home Workouts" for all fitness levels
  • Group Challenges with daily accountability check-ins and prize giveaways
  • Access to my online group with daily posts, support, motivation, accountability and so much more!


    • LIVE 'Meet and Greet'
    • LIVE Group discussions and Guest Speakers
    • LIVE Yoga (dates TBD)


    *Optional $30 add-on:

    Access to LIVE Early Morning Workouts Monday to Friday at 5:30am and Saturday mornings with Jess, our certified trainer


    DATES:  Sept 13 - October 25

    *All participation is optional. Feel free to join and follow along as a silent observer!

    **Access to my group can be done remotely from anywhere!


    When women support each other, incredible things happen!